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We Create Functional, Beautiful Sofas for Our Clients Since 2015.

Jaipur Sofa Corner is a leading sofa design firm based in Jaipur, Rajasthan since 2015. We are sofa manufacturer of custom, modern, classical and stylish sofa for commercial and residential use. We specialize in transforming residential and commercial properties into stunning and functional environments.

Our team of talented designers and craftsmen work closely with clients to understand their unique vision and deliver extraordinary results that exceed expectations. We strive to bring creativity, innovation and beauty to every project. Trust Sofa Corner to make your dreams come true.

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Best Price Sofa Set in Jaipur - Available in Two Ranges

Welcome to Jaipur Sofa Corner, your premier destination for exquisite custom and morden Sofa's in Jaipur, India. With our rich heritage and unparalleled sofa Making Art, we have established ourselves as leading manufacturer and exporter of Luxury Sofa.
Jaipur Sofa Corner manufactures sofas to suit all types of visitors as per their financial budget. Therefore, we offer sofa sets in two categories. Premium range sofa sets and affordable range sofas.
1. Premium Range Sofa Sets: The premium range is divided into different variants, such as L-shaped, single, three-seater and two-seater.
2. Affordable Range Sofas: Affordable sofa sets are divided into categories like two-seater, L-shaped and three-seater sofa sets.
Since we serve both categories of customers, we have a wide customer base that accepts all our work in this field. We constantly strive to provide our customers with the best quality sofa sets in their desired designs and sizes.

Premium Range Sofa Set

Single Sofa

The single sofa is considered one of the primary and significant sofa accessories. We ensure the...

Three Seater Sofa

Three-seater sofas are also available in various colors, such as pink wrinkle, fabric three-seater...

Two Seater Sofa

A two-seater sofa is ideal for the seating arrangement of two people and includes various colors...

Best Sofa Manufacturer in Jaipur

Four reasons why Jaipur Sofa Corner is the best sofa manufacturer in Jaipur

Huge variety

We have a large collection of sofas in different fabrics, colours and materials. You can order sofas as per your choice, section of the home. Our customers will find a lot of options to choose from after joining us.


Jaipur Sofa Corner manufactures sofas as per the given range based on quality as well as design. We use the best quality raw materials from every corner to ensure that the final product is the best.

Budget-Friendly Sofa

We take pride in being one of the most budget-friendly sofa manufacturers in the city. We provide our customers with products as per their taste and preferences and take care of their budget.

Perfect Fittings

We design the sofa structure based on the areas of your home. We ensure that our sofa fits well in your space and matches seamlessly with all the other interiors of the house.

Features of Jaipur Sofa Corner

The following are some of the critical features of our sofa Corner that will help our clientele know about us better. They are as follows-

1. We have been in the line of sofa business since 2015. We have gained significant experience and the time to serve our customers better.

2. We design sofas in all ranges, from the budget-friendly to the premium range, to cater to all segments of audiences.

3. We provide many varieties of colours, fabrics, types and sofas designs for our customers' sake.

4. Some of the most popular types of sofas available with us are single-seat, two-seater, three-seater, L-shaped, and much more.

5. We serve Jaipur and all the nearby areas with excellent delivery services that are indeed safe and economical.

Working Experiences

We started our business then and have developed and thrived in this linear; a new trend catches the customer's attention. With our experience, we have come a long way and developed ourselves every time to cater to our customers' needs. We have the kinds of fabrics in demand now and will look elegant inside the home. We work for both commercial and residential spaces as our primary foreplay. We are well connected with all the latest designs that are fantastic blends of traditional and modern fabrics to keep old trends alive.

Customized Designs

Every space is not exact and always has its unique look and way of beauty. Hence, we design sofas that are perfect for all kinds of spaces. There is no one fixed way of creating a sofa design for all the customers because everyone has different tastes and preferences in mind. We always try our best to work closely with our customers to cater to all their needs and make them the sofa of their dreams. We design the sofas customized to fit the spaces well, and our customers are also very pleased with this process.

Services area

Jaipur Sofa Set Corner serves various areas in Jaipur, like Shyam Nagar, Vaishali Nagar, Nirman Nagar, Patrakar Colony, and Manasarover. We have covered almost all of Jaipur's essential and buzzing areas for our customers' convenience. We also provide delivery services to our customers at the best prices. Our delivery services are reliable and safe, and we will ensure your products are delivered in the best condition you have ordered. We also serve the areas near Jaipur for our fabulous customers.

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